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Feels so long since I've been here

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

After five years of being away I've come back to the writing world. Between moving and getting a new job, I haven't had the time to clear my thoughts. And I still feel just as lost and as melancholic as I did before - even moreso now. I miss the friends I made in LA, I didn't think I was capable of making friends. It amuses me to think how normally I am a solitary being, and yet now I feel deeply alone.

But this solitude has inevitably brought me back to my one true love, and I've been writing something new which I am very excited about.

I didn’t have my mindset ready to write anything after I published The Last Confession back in 2014-2015 which feels like ages now – it was around the same time when another forbidden priest romance was released - which was acclaimed and which inevitably led to an inundation of fallen priest romances. I should have been flattered but I wasn't the one who made it a trend, and before all of these tales of priests misbehaving there was Father Soren.

The stories I published after TLC were not put together they way I wanted them to be because I was rushing my writings. So I did what felt right and took down two fantasy titles I released in 2016.

Now I am in my escapism, I’ve finally taken the time to delve back into my writings. I didn't realize how much I missed it.

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