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The Last Confession (2014)

Paris, 1663

Mentored in the enchanting world of the courtesans, beautiful, intelligent and outspoken Catalina Cosme has her pick of any man the city offers. But no man has ever captured her interest…until she lays eyes on Father Benedict Mortimer. Determined to prove that even holy men can fall, Benedict becomes her greatest challenge yet.

The former pupil of a Grand Inquisitor, Roman Catholic Priest Father Benedict Mortimer is a man haunted by the horrifying sins of his past, and the same kindhearted priest whom Catalina found refuge in when she escaped an abusive benefactor. As their unlikely friendship forms, Catalina’s aim for seduction begins to fade, and the love she was never allowed to experience blossoms for the man beneath the cloth.

Although Benedict offers to be Catalina's new and anonymous benefactor, he denies himself the temptation of claiming her body in exchange. But desire may prove to be stronger than resilience, and the salvation he believes he had long ago lost may be closer than he realizes.

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